Friday, March 18, 2022

Writing: Pubishing An Audiobook

 When you have written your book (personally, I mark the end with ###) and it's accepted, you might think your work is done. And, I guess, it's done if your goal is to produce a written book. But there's one more format for your book to be published in. If you have a publisher, they'll probably do this for you, but if you've cast your lot with those who publish the work independently, this is up to you. More and more people prefer to hear, rather than read, their books. And if your book isn't in audio format, say good-bye to those sales.

For all my novellas, including this latest one, I went through ACX to publish an audio format of them. I won't go through all the steps--you can read about them on the ACX website--but one of the last (and most important) steps will require you to visit the book just one more time. You should listen to it. Listen for errors in pronunciation, as well as other errors that might have slipped by you. You just thought you were through.

I had hoped to tell you that Medical Error is now available in audio format, and it may be by the time this post is up. And that is my final book. (But I've said that before, haven't I?) Well, stay tuned.


Priscilla Bettis said...

I prefer text myself, but a lot of people do listen to audiobooks!

Richard Mabry said...

Whatever works. Thanks for your comment.