Friday, January 28, 2022

Writing: The Reviews Keep Coming

One more post about reviews, and then I'll quit--honest!  Earlier this week I was featured on the blog of Lena Dooley, and today I'm on the blog of Patricia Bradley. And don't forget yesterday's interview with Carrie Schmidt, on Reading Is My SuperPower. Thus far, they've all been good. 

I've seen a post by an experienced writer this week that posts the "rules" Elmore Leonard gave once in an interview. I agree with them, by and large, but feel that each of them can be broken in the right circumstances. Remember, there's no hard and fast rule that guarantees acceptance by an agent, an editor, or a reader. Rules won't get it---persistence and keeping at it will. Do you agree, disagree, or just don't care? I'd like to know.

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Patricia Bradley said...

It was a pleasure to have you on the Suspense Sisters and my!