Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Thoughts on a New Year

 It's been hard composing this blog--for a number of reasons. I received my copies of my new novella, Medical Mystery, over the holidays. Although I'm glad to have written one more novella (authors are said to enjoy writing; I personally enjoy having written...not the writing process). But it's been nice just to go to my desk and read what others blog about, without having to write something myself. However, I have to do it, if no other reason than to let those of you who've been waiting (both of you) that I've written another novella, which will be released on Jan 18. If you like the Kindle format, you can put in your pre-order for 99 cents. End of commercial.

It's also hard to realize that 2021 is over, and I'll need to start writing 2022. Hey, I've just gotten good at writing 2021, and now I've got to learn all over. That saying about old dogs and new tricks gets more true with every passing year.

I awoke in the middle of the night with the thought that it was time to change the folders on my desk for receipts to a new set, and soon it will be time to put together my taxes. But not yet (sort of like I've put off writing this blog until today).

Anyway, I'm back. Has your new year begun any better for you than mine? I hope so. See you Friday, if I can think of something about writing that might be interesting. 


Priscilla Bettis said...

Dang, you have 108 reviews already! I'm looking forward to reading it on the 18th!

My new year has begun pretty well, actually. I'm now a grandmother for the first time, and I have my first standalone book (a Kindle novelette) up for preorder. I'm doing last minute edits on it right now. Or as soon as I stop typing this comment.:-)

Patricia Bradley said...

Taxes! Yikes! I.Must.Get.My.Checks.Into.The.Computer! As for my new year--I'm having an MRi in the morning for the sudden back pain I'm experiencing. Never had back problems before...But It will get better...I preordered your book so I'm looking forward to getting it.