Friday, January 28, 2022

Writing: The Reviews Keep Coming

One more post about reviews, and then I'll quit--honest!  Earlier this week I was featured on the blog of Lena Dooley, and today I'm on the blog of Patricia Bradley. And don't forget yesterday's interview with Carrie Schmidt, on Reading Is My SuperPower. Thus far, they've all been good. 

I've seen a post by an experienced writer this week that posts the "rules" Elmore Leonard gave once in an interview. I agree with them, by and large, but feel that each of them can be broken in the right circumstances. Remember, there's no hard and fast rule that guarantees acceptance by an agent, an editor, or a reader. Rules won't get it---persistence and keeping at it will. Do you agree, disagree, or just don't care? I'd like to know.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Lest We Forget

Over the weekend, more of the people who protect us were killed. As I sit here, I still read news about the young patrolman in one of our nation's large cities who is dead, while his partner is fighting for his life. I see information about a patrolmen in my state (Texas) who was fatally injured while performing his duties. Yet I also read about laws already on the books, laws some elected officials have decided not to enforce.  I have my opinion about all this, but I'll leave it to you to interpret all this for yourself. All I'll suggest is that you keep all this in mind when you go to the polls in a few months. And when you see them, thank those who put on the uniform daily and both serve and protect us. I shall.

My interviews regarding my latest book continue as scheduled. This week I'm due to have my words of wisdom listed on Lena Dooley's blog on January 25 (that's today) as well as on Reading Is My Superpower on Friday. I hope you'll check them both out. (And I think I'll be featured on Patricia Bradley's site, and she tells me on Friday).

Friday, January 21, 2022

Writing: Waiting For Reviews

 It's a typical part of every story involving "show business"--the hero or heroine awaits what the critics have to say about the new show. They stay up late or get up early to read what the critics have to say about their production or performance. And, of course, it is usually a great triumph, leading to a "boffo" hit or a "star" on the dressing room door. Do authors go through this? I can't speak for all authors, but to some extent I suspect that we all do. But there's less tendency to await the "reviews" for later books. This is certainly the case with me.

I turned loose a novella into the world this week--January 18, if you're counting--but I didn't get all giddy about the first review that was posted. I was glad that my words had made the reader happy, but I didn't do cartwheels. Actually, I was probably at work on the next book. If you've put together enough words to make a book, congratulations. If it turns out to be a best-seller, wonderful. But please, please, please don't stop there. The first book by Harper Lee was the best-seller, To Kill A Mockingbird. We didn't hear from her until her second manuscript was uncovered, and I'll bet you don't know the name of it. 

If you go into writing, realize that there's more to it than putting words on a page. There are interviews and blog posts to keep your name before the public and tell about your book. Keep on keeping on, and I'll look for your name in the bookstore.

Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Book Launch

Well, it's here. Today (according to Amazon) my next book will be published. Also, today I'll be featured on Suite T, the blog of the Southern Writers. I'll have several other pieces along the way, including SuspenseSisters tomorrow and a review on Patricia Bradley's blog two weeks from this Friday. I'll try to keep you abreast of them as we go along. 

As I've said before, I've about given up on signings, launch activities, and such. My feeling is that the effectiveness of some of those--perhaps all of them--have gone away over the years. How about you? I'd like to hear your thoughts and experiences with these. 

Friday, January 14, 2022

Writing: Interviews Are Coming

 Just an aside to all the writers out there. Ask anyone who writes --we never stop editing our work. Even notes done on our computers are edited. How many of us have read something that we read on a tweet or FB post or even a note sent to us, and found that we would have said it differently--even better. We never stop writing...or editing. Even when we write something that's going to be posted elsewhere. Maybe that's why it takes me so long to write a post sometime.

But for the reason for this post--I've already posted about all that must be done after your work is published. Here's an example. I've spent some time recently preparing answers to various questions and guest posts for writing blogs. I'm not complaining, mind you. It goes with the territory, and as the saying goes, "This isn't my first rodeo." It's part of the process, which doesn't stop with the publication of your book.

If all goes as planned, my first posting will be today on the Seekerville blog. The dates given to me aren't always the final ones as schedules are shuffled, but I'll keep you posted if there's any change.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Book Coming

After a year or so of silence, I thought I was through writing, but my wife encouraged me to take up the pen (well, the computer) one more time. After seeing the opening I wrote, she suggested that I carry it forward and make my principal character a female who was trying to write a book. Other than the opening, though, it wasn't working. But along the way I got to know the emergency room nurse who was called away from her writing, and the family doctor who had given no thought to "getting back in the game" after the death of his first wife. I populated the story and took it forward, and on the 18th of this month it will be published.

The first interview will be posted at the end of the week, and I'll post the link that day. Meanwhile, if you're interested, here's the link for the prepublication special for the Kindle version.


Friday, January 07, 2022

Writing: Publication Is Only Part Of The Process

As authors, we exert lots of effort getting our words down on paper, sending them to agents and editors, hoping eventually to have them published. But (and I hate to tell you this), the process isn't over at that point. Matter of fact, it may have just started. Now comes the part where you announce the publication to the world. And for some of us, that's harder than the actual writing.

When my first novel came out, I planned a huge party at a local bookstore. I even ordered a cake. When I showed up, I was a bit dismayed by the number of chairs that had been put out, although I was glad for them to be filled. The reading went well, as did the sales, but I was still disappointed at the turn-out. That's when a bookstore employee said that they had a publication party recently for a former Secretary of State which drew an even smaller crowd. In attending a similar event for a well-known author on a "book tour," I saw a similar circumstance...the crowd wasn't what I expected.

I've written books published by well-known publishers as well as some that were self-published, and I've come to the conclusion that your readers are your readers, and it doesn't take a brass band and a host of people cheering to introduce your books. But then again, that's just my opinion. What do you think?



Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Thoughts on a New Year

 It's been hard composing this blog--for a number of reasons. I received my copies of my new novella, Medical Mystery, over the holidays. Although I'm glad to have written one more novella (authors are said to enjoy writing; I personally enjoy having written...not the writing process). But it's been nice just to go to my desk and read what others blog about, without having to write something myself. However, I have to do it, if no other reason than to let those of you who've been waiting (both of you) that I've written another novella, which will be released on Jan 18. If you like the Kindle format, you can put in your pre-order for 99 cents. End of commercial.

It's also hard to realize that 2021 is over, and I'll need to start writing 2022. Hey, I've just gotten good at writing 2021, and now I've got to learn all over. That saying about old dogs and new tricks gets more true with every passing year.

I awoke in the middle of the night with the thought that it was time to change the folders on my desk for receipts to a new set, and soon it will be time to put together my taxes. But not yet (sort of like I've put off writing this blog until today).

Anyway, I'm back. Has your new year begun any better for you than mine? I hope so. See you Friday, if I can think of something about writing that might be interesting.