Friday, September 17, 2021

Writing: Imagining The Words

Writing is perfect for the person who's introverted. We sit down in front of a computer and imagine words that we might not say out loud in real life. We imagine people in situations that are made up of whole cloth, saying words that we pluck out of the air, and keep on doing that until we've filled our allotment of pages for the day. And when it comes time to send our manuscript forth into the world, we "put on our game face." However, instead of facing people for a limited amount of time, we're going to  put our words out there for thousands (we hope) to read and comment on for as long as the book is in print.

I love the quotation that I sometimes use as a signature line. "Some people hear voices when no one's around.  They are called mad, and sit in a room all day and stare at the walls. Others are called writers, and they do pretty much the same thing."  I may not have the words exactly the way writer Meg Chittenden said them, but writers will know what I mean--and nod. How about you?



Priscilla Bettis said...

Not only do I get to say things I can't or won't say in real life, but I get to do stuff, too. Like shoot a crossbow and raft an Alaskan river from the warmth and safety of my writing desk.

Patricia Bradley said...

I agree with Priscilla. Before I grew up, I wanted to be a rock climber, a park ranger, a deputy, a lawyer, a doctor...and I've done them all with my computer. lol

I love the tagline...might appropriate it sometime. lol

Richard Mabry said...

Priscilla and Patricia--we can imagine everything, including stuff we'd never do.