Friday, September 03, 2021

Labor Day, 2021


This has been a year like no other. This weekend, we will recognize those who work throughout the year to keep the wheels of commerce turning. As we enjoy our time off, let us not forget both  those affected by the Coronavirus and the natural disasters that have come our way recently, as well as our situation in Afghanistan.

I agree with over 80% of the US citizens polled that our troops should leave Afghanistan, but the way in which it was done by the person occupying the White House was terrible (as typified by the 13 US military personnel that were killed). I won't go into the politics of the situation, but will just say that we got over 10,000 Afghans out but left 100 or more US citizens (who wanted to leave) behind--the number seems to vary, depending on who you listen to. 

The flooding in New Orleans and environs is one of the worst natural disasters our nation has experienced, and comes on the heels of floods in Tennessee. There are still many it has robbed of homes and property. If you haven't donated (time, things, money, whatever) to relief efforts, please do so...and remember that after the water recedes, there's still lots to be done. I won't presume to mention specific relief sites--you can choose your own--but please give.

I'll be back on Tuesday. Enjoy your time off. 


Priscilla Bettis said...

I hope you and your wife have a good Labor Day weekend, Richard. Yes, lots of prayers for those affected by Ida and for the Afghanistan situation.

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Priscilla. Same to you.

Patricia Bradley said...

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend. In my scripture reading today Isaiah talked about how God gives us the leaders we deserve…& my mind immediately went to all the abortions that have taken place and that explains our current leadership.

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Patricia. The liberals are going to fight the Texas anti-abortion bill, but we're winning.