Friday, August 27, 2021

Writing: Leaving Behind

I'm currently re-reading (as I often do) the books left behind by a number of deceased authors: Robert B. Parker, Dr. Michael Palmer, Ross Thomas, Donald Westlake. The list goes on. I intersperse it with inspirational (or, if you're as old-fashioned as I am, "Christian") fiction by living authors. But I'm often reminded as I read their words that a lot of what authors leave behind is encompassed in these printed words. That especially hit me as I re-read the last novel Parker wrote. He was found dead at his computer. But his novels live on.

It's at times like those that I turn to the little card fellow author, the late B. J. Hoff. sent me years ago. It pretty much encompasses what I'd like people to think about me after I'm gone, and the reason for my writing.

"It matters not if the world has heard, or approves, or understands...
The only applause we're meant to seek is that of nail-scarred hands."

What about you? What would you like to be remembered for?



Priscilla Bettis said...

I didn't know Parker was found dead at his computer. That's really sobering. I wouldn't mind being found at my computer. Then maybe I'd be remembered for sending encouraging emails to my daughter (which I try to do) or for my enjoyment of reading and writing (both I do mostly at the computer).

Patricia Bradley said...

Oh, wow~I didn't know he was found dead at his computer, either. What a way to go! :-)

What would I like to be remembered for? Once my granddaughter told me when we were talking about someone who dissed other people that she'd never heard me talk bad about someone else. I'd like to live up to that!

Richard Mabry said...

I've reached the age where I think about what the reaction will be to my writing, rather than just "will it sell?' At that point, I'm interested in what the story tells more than the story itself.