Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Our Absentee Person In The White House

 We are approaching what I will always consider an important anniversary for our country--the time when we saw a breach in our security such as we had never seen before. Our nation came together to heal and grow stronger after the attacks of 9/11/01, and perhaps we will do it again. I hope so. But it will start by having a steady hand at the helm--one which is not present.

God bless America--and set her on the right path again.


Priscilla Bettis said...

Our country needs a lot of prayer.

Richard Mabry said...

Gary Bauer said it best--most of us wanted to leave Afghanistan, but none of us wanted the withdrawal this way. Yet the placeholder (he is not worthy of the title he holds) said "The buck stops here," then blamed everyone else.