Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Spring Is Here

 Two days after Easter. Here in North Texas it's cool enough in the morning to make the fireplace feel good, and warm enough later in the day to make the air conditioner kick on. (Glad we have the kind of systems that automatically go from one to the other).  But there's no snow or freezing rain, so I'm glad for that.

Watched the Texas Rangers for a bit on Sunday. Just about the time I'd decided that maybe they'd win a game or two this year, realized that MLB--going along with cancel culture and saying that any action that disagrees with them is bad--is going to move their All-Star Game out of Georgia. So switched over to golf, which hasn't (yet) been taken over by the liberals. 

All those things we were putting off until "after Easter" are now due, so it's time to get moving. Is your list long, or have you got it down to a manageable size? Mine has sneaked up on me, so I'll get on it--as soon as I get around to it. How about you?


Patricia Bradley said...

My list is long and didn't sneak up on me. lol. I may not get to my yards until my book is finished. I just have to remember how to eat the elephant...one bite at a time.

Richard Mabry said...

I highly recommend being retired, and not tied to a contractual deadline. That may be why it's been a year since I last published. Llike most retired people, I have no idea how I held a full-time job and did all the things that face me every day. The difference now, I suppose, is that I don't let it worry me--at least, not so much. Write on, Patricia. You'll get there.

Priscilla Bettis said...

Nah, nothing snuck up on me. I do sometimes have eyes bigger than my stomach... but for writing, I mean, not for actual eating.:-)

Richard Mabry said...

Priscilla, glad you're current--BTW, don't call me when you remember something you forgot.