Tuesday, January 12, 2021



Some of us are old enough to recall our first phones--even the ones that featured "central" (operator-assisted calls) or low numbers (ours was 246). In my small town, I don't have any recollection of my parents using our phones for anything other than important calls--never "just to talk" or (heaven forbid) for "gossip."

I still recall the circumstances of my first cellular phone. My Dad was to have a procedure, and I was signed up to attend a conference in Chicago. I was ready to cancel, but he'd have none of it. As a compromise, I got one of the new phones that I could carry with me (or wear on my belt, (as I did this one).

During my first few years in practice, I carried a "beeper," and responded to it like a dog hearing whistle. Eventually, I exchanged the beeper for a phone which I carried in my pocket. After I retired I looked upon my phone as a lifeline for making outdoing calls, not for receiving them. That's just the feeling I had. And when texting became a "thing," I scoffed. "That will never take the place of an old-fashioned conversation."

Now people depend on their cell phones for everything. They use them for consulting the Internet, sending and receiving texts, even...calls. And just about the time we all get dependent on such Internet means of communication as Facebook and Twitter, the "powers that be" exercise their hold by taking down those accounts.

I don't know what folks will do to fill the hole. I'm sure that they, like I have, will turn to alternatives such as MeWe and CloutHub (Parler is temporarily down). But whatever we choose, the new method of communication will soon find a spot in our life. We might even come to depend on just calling. You never know.


Patricia Bradley said...

Richard, I was on an 8-party line when I was a kid. Our ring was one long and one short. I remember how excited my mom was when we were put on a 4-party line. lol. I even remember our phone number when I was a kid.

I'm a tech junkie and loved my phone from the beginning. lol Not so much the social media sites. I much prefer blogs like this one.

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks for commenting, Patricia. I guess we were lucky--weren't on a party line, but did have to go through "central" for a while. Still remember one other number from that time--Frank Green's drugstore was "one naughty naught." Wow, that was a long time ago.

Priscilla Bettis said...

A phone call, imagine.:-) Remember phone trees instead of social media when you had to get info out to a group of people?

Richard Mabry said...

Oh, yes--I recall phone trees. (Haven't heard of them in a while, but we may soon go back to them).