Tuesday, September 15, 2020


 The late sportswriter, Blackie Sherrod, used to periodically do a feature entitled Scattershooting While Wondering (you fill in the blank--he chose a different one for each column). Well, that's how I feel today. I don't really have one coherent thought to tie it together. So, I 'll just scattershoot.

One of the problems of being retired is that sometimes I have too much time--to much to watch cable TV, too much to think about what's going on around us. I know--most of the time I post about not having enough time, despite what others might say, but today I've had time to think. And it can be dangerous.

It's fifty days or so until the election, and our NoMoRobo app is getting a workout as our phone rings several times a day with political calls. We've already had one metal stand and the garden flag that goes with it removed sometime in the dead of night, apparently because the flag indicated our choice of candidate for president. We've replaced it, but it's a shame that it's come to that. Our neighborhood was formerly quiet, but now I'm not sure.

Sports have resumed, but they're by no means what we were formerly used to. Not only has the Covid-19 all around us caused some significant changes, but all major sports are being politicized to the point of being more statement than athletic contest. And that's a shame, as well. I wish I could enjoy NFL football, but I keep thinking about the sentiments emblazoned in the end zone, and how the players react to what used to be a moment of patriotism--the national anthem and presentation of our flag. 

Too much thinking. How about you?


Priscilla Bettis said...

Yeah, I stopped watching NFL.

It stinks about your garden flag. I wouldn't do that to supporters of another party because I believe in conversation rather than arguments, transparency rather than dark-of-night antics.

Patricia Bradley said...

I've stopped watching NFL, too. And anything that smacks of political correctness. So that doesn't leave much, which is probably good since I have a deadline. I do still watch Jeopardy (recording it) and I do believe the new season has started! Should be interesting with Ken Jennings on with Alex.

Richard Mabry said...

Priscilla and Patricia, thanks for stopping by..
Priscilla, we've been afraid that some people are going to get our garden flag, but that didn't stop us from getting another.
Patricia, since I don't watch Jeopardy, I can't comment (but, yes, it should be interesting with someone new replacing Alex).

Patricia Bradley said...

Ken isn't replacing Alex, just coming alongside. I'm praying Alex beats pancreatic cancer!