Friday, July 31, 2020

Writing: Time To Write

"You must have lots of time to write. You're retired." I cringe when I hear those words. Why? Because (1) I am retired (for almost 18 years now), and (2) I identify with the people who say, "Now that I'm retired I'm busier than ever." Yes--but not about writing.

Both my wife and I are retired, so you'd think I'd disappear into my "office" and write for several hours a day. Not so! I get up around 6:00 in the AM, although sometimes I sleep as late as 6:30. One of the sad things I've found about retirement is when you get old enough to sleep late, you find that you can't sleep late.

After a cup of coffee, breakfast, more coffee, I'm ready to....oh, wait. Today I have to get the car serviced. It's more than an hour's wait, so I have to go through the process of getting a loaner. Then when I get home I find my wife on the phone. When we're both ready, we talk a bit about the loaner car, including how it looks very much like my wife's car. That leads to a discussion of whether she should trade it in. Then it's time for lunch.

Now she's gone to run errands, and I'm ready to...oh, wait. I thought I was ahead on posts (I have a personal blog that I do on Tues and Friday, plus a fan page that I try to post five or six days a week). I look and find that I have missed today's deadline on my fan page. While at the computer, I do some blogs for the fan page so I'm caught up and a bit ahead. Surely I can write now.

Then I think about the point in the story I've reached. But I want my wife--my first reader--to give me her opinion on the first 7000 words of my story. Might as well wait for that. Meanwhile, I'll just glance through Facebook. Wow, where did the time go?

And so it goes. The life of a retired writer. Want to join me?


Priscilla Bettis said...

Yep, you do sound busy! I hope your wife likes your first 7000 words.

Patricia Bradley said...

Your description of your day sounds familiar. lol. Enjoyed your post.

Richard Mabry said...

Priscilla and Patricia, thanks for your comments. I'll let you know how the WIP goes (if at all).