Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Politicizing Everything

Careful what you say via social media. Can it be misinterpreted? Can it be turned around and used against you? Is it best to say nothing at all?

I've decided to confine my more personal commentaries to my blog, where I can control those comments which are violently at odds with my own philosophy. It's not that I mind differing points of view--I don't, even though I've never seen someone's mind changed by an argument on social media. But when I'm lectured for opinions that are at odds with those of the commenter, opinions that smack of "I know what's best, and you must agree with me," then I think that person should voice them in their own blog--not mine.

The other day I needed a pair of sandals to wear around the house, and I ended up going to a different store and paying a dollar or two more instead of buying something with the Nike brand prominently displayed. My contribution won't amount to much, but I'm serious about boycotting a company with whose spokesperson I disagree. Do you sometimes find yourself buying something that may cost a bit more but is American-made?

We're also being certain to buy Goya products. I don't look at the labels on what my wife buys, but I'm happy to go against the grain and "buy-cot" this product. How about you?

Am I overly sensitive in this area? Or do you sometimes feel that everything you say can be (and sometimes is) politicized? I'd like to know.


Priscilla Bettis said...

No, I don't think you're being too sensitive. I think you're being aware.

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Priscilla. I appreciate that.

Patricia Bradley said...

Too sensitive? No, well maybe but in a good way. Like Priscilla said, you're being aware. I'm buy-cotting by purchasing Goya products too, and if there hadn't been such a stink about it, I might have overlooked this company. lol

I never get those hate posts, but I had to hide I don't know how many before FB got the message and stop putting them in my feed. Of course, that means I don't get emails from some of my acquaintances, but who cares.

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, at first I accepted everyone's friend request--after all, as authors we have to make connection with our readers, and there's no way to know who those might be. But for the past year or so (and they've gotten worse as time goes on) I'm identifying those whose comments on Facebook were not only 180 degrees off from mine, but were sometimes derogatory to the point of driving me to my unfriend button. I've now determined that it's not worth it, even if I lose some sales. So that's where I am. (And I reserve my "political" comments for my blog).

Vera Godley said...

Absolutely buying Goya if available. I have in the past and plan to go forward. If I"m aware of a brand that is culturally, politically, etc. against all I stand for, yes, I' switch brands if possible.

Richard Mabry said...

Good job, Vera. When my wife got back from the grocery this morning (she goes early on Tuesday, with the other "old folks"), she brought some Goya canned vegetables. Think she used them before, but we're more aware of them now. Another example of politicization, but definitely turned the tables on them.