Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Where I Stand

I have carefully considered this post for some time before putting it up. Authors are warned to stay neutral. But it's time for me to speak out.

I was born white—I have no more control over that than I do over where I was born, my last name, or the circumstances in which I was reared. There’s no reason to compare what I or my ancestors did with an ideal. The main thing that counts is what I am now. How I feel toward others of a different color is influenced by their actions, not their race. I do not feel that reparations need be paid for something that happened in the past. I don’t plead guilty to white guilt, white privilege, or any other catch phrase that is popular right now. I recognize that there are still inequities, and I hope they are fixed. But don't paint us all with that brush.

The police have a tough job. Without law and order, we are reduced to anarchy. Any thinking person agrees with such an assessment. It's ridiculous to do away with all police because of some bad apples. We remove those, not all of them. But we are faced with demonstrators who appear to be pushing toward exactly that. I'd rather keep the police functioning, and improve them. 

I feel that George Floyd should not have died, and hope that, as the law goes through its process, justice will be served. There are many times when I feel that legalities slow what I feel should be done right now, but one of the things guaranteed to us all is a presumption of innocence until our peers have judged us guilty. When we remove that for a few, we remove it for us all. We can't speed up the process by demonstrating, and certainly not by looting or destroying statues.

I am in sympathy with those who peacefully assemble to petition their government, as is their right under our Constitution. But I am not in agreement with those who loot, destroy, and raise havoc, to those who hope to reshape history by tearing down monuments. To me, it is evident that many of those--perhaps the great majority-- who are currently protesting are not rewriting history, but merely raising their hands symbolically and physically against the country which I hope has learned from some of its mistakes and is constantly moving forward. I wonder if these protesters even know the story behind the statues and monuments they want to deface or tear down (or care about the history they are seeking to erase).

Every time I open my email, I find several appeals, asking me to support the party. What I’d like to see is some action, not just an appeal for more money. Are you listening, elected representatives? And what are you going to do about this?

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