Friday, May 22, 2020

Writing: Getting Out The Word

Every publisher (and every author who indie-publishes) have their list of things to do to get the word out when they publish a new book. But in these days of social distancing and stay-at-home, some of these won't work--but others will.

Should you do a blog tour? Go in person to all the surrounding areas and pitch your book? Author tours used to be a big thing, but even before the pandemic, they sort of fizzled out. My impression (and admittedly I never was a big enough "star" with the publishers that signed me to warrant an author tour) is that they never resulted in much. Under the present circumstances, they're pretty much gone by the wayside. So I'd suggest you scratch that idea.

How about appearing in various sites, associated with a giveaway? I've always tried to do guest blogs or interviews at a number of sites along with a giveaway to a randomly selected winner. Having done these now for a number of years, I have a pretty good idea of which sites get the largest number of "hits" and I try to concentrate on those. As for giving away a copy of the book, it always attracts a number of people, and I've not seen anyone not wanting the book. Whether it is responsible for more people learning about the book or even--gasp--buying it is an unanswered question.

When travel is allowed, giving a copy of your book to various libraries--church or municipal--remains a valuable tool. I like to give copies to my barber, my druggist, my physicians and their staff (and as I get older, that number increases). Some of these will be affected by the amount of travel you're allowed or with which you feel comfortable. The same goes for book clubs and schools (a Zoom meeting is definitely not the same as appearing in person).

What about street teams? Friend and colleague DiAnn Mills covers this quite well here, and I'll only add a word or two. My "influencers" (she gives all the names its called) are very helpful, but this list will undergo some changes as you continue to write. Don't think it's not a changing thing--it is.

No matter how you slice it, the best advertising remains word-of-mouth. Write the best book possible, and never rest on your laurels--always be writing the next one, and work to make it even better than the last.

What are your suggestions? I'd like to hear.


Priscilla Bettis said...

I read a Kindle book recently that had an Amazon purchase link for previous books. As a reader I found that quite convenient . . . and way too easy to buy another book.:-)

Richard Mabry said...

Good thought, Priscilla, and one (among others) that I usually think of too late.

Patricia Bradley said...

One thing I like to do is make sure I have a link to my books when I write a blog post for someone. I get aggravated when I read an author's post about their book and I want to buy the book and there's no link. Sometimes I'll search for it but often I'm too busy and think I'll do it later. .. Of course, later never comes.

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, I always provide a link to buy the book, but also be certain there's a link to my social media pages. Gee, there's a lot to learn, isn't there?