Tuesday, May 05, 2020

What To Post (redux)

It seems that everyone wants to ride to COVID-19 horse, and everyone has an opinion. I've spent a little time recently looking over old posts. This one seems to still be pertinent, and I thought I'd recycle it. If you have any other ideas, let me know.

I've been on Facebook for quite a while. We're encouraged, as authors, to have a social media presence, and I've tried. I've even developed two Facebook pages--my "regular" one, for friends, family, acquaintances, and some of the people who ask; and my "author" page, where I post links that might be of interest to writers. But the former presents a problem for me.

As I looked through FB today, preparing this post, I decided that there were certain things I wasn't going to do. I don't like posts that have a political flavor. (Although I have my own viewpoint, and will gladly tell you about them, I've never seen anyone convinced by a FB post). I enjoy, for a while, seeing recipes, but eventually they make me hungry. I'm a retired physician, and I keep up with medicine via journals and the Internet, so it especially angers me when people post material--especially that copied from sites--that espouses certain things as sure-fire bad or good things, or for that matter, when they ask medical questions on the Internet. For that matter, when people seek or give professional advice on their FB page, my initial thought is that they might or might not get something useful.

A post that is safe? I've gone on and on, considering and rejecting various things I could write about. And, finally, I've come up with a post that anyone can find fault with. Enjoy.


Priscilla Bettis said...

Haha, the solitary owl on the solitary fence post cracks me up. Nothing controversial there.:-)

Richard Mabry said...

Let's hope it doesn't make some folks feel unsafe.

Patricia Bradley said...

I left a comment from my phone, but I think it got lost in cyberspace. lol. I guarantee someone will find something wrong with your post, Richard. It's just human nature.

Richard Mabry said...

No bet--it always happens.