Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Every Author Needs A Blog...Don't They?

I was musing about this blog, and along the way I looked back at my first post, which hit on June 19, 2006. Since then, I've posted (according to blogger) just shy of 1500 of these bits of deathless prose. And now, I'm beginning to think that blogs--like bell-bottoms and convertibles--may have had their day.

Why did I start this blog anyway? If you read the link I've furnished to my first blog, you'll find that I thought establishing one would be neat, since most of my colleagues were also blogging. Since then, newsletters, tweets, Facebook posts, and even Instagram pictures have become popular. Why do I continue to do it? Why, indeed? You tell me.

Years ago, I was advised to establish a social media presence, to "get my name out there." With the explosion of social media, as detailed above, I've seen authors gradually drop blogs in favor of some of the other forms Some have even (gasp!) totally eschewed social media, depending on word of mouth (which I maintain is the best form of advertising) to carry them forward. Publishing, whether via a conventional publishing house or "going indie," has changed. Is this another change for authors?

So I'm asking. Do you think this blog has any relevance? What about other social media? What should an author do to "get themselves out there"? I really want to know. And the comments, or lack thereof, will give me a pretty good idea.

PS--In case you're interested (and even if you're not), my next novel, Critical Decision, should be available on Amazon by mid-March, maybe earlier. I know, I know--it's taking a long time, but I hope you'll find it worth the wait.


Priscilla Bettis said...

Blogging is writing. Twitter is hiccuping. Instagramming is taking pictures. (And I don't know what Facebook is . . . a perpetual calendar that reminds you of high school buddies' birthdays?) So for an author, blogging seems the best fit.

For the serious reader, blogging still seems the best fit (reading novels is to blogs like skimming headlines is to Twitter). Admittedly, some of those IG photos of book covers . . . gorgeous.

So blogging makes sense to me. But it's your blog to use/not use/post/not post as you wish. I think your fans might be disappointed if you stopped blogging, but that doesn't mean we will stop reading your books.

Are you just kinda bored? Maybe changing templates or even platforms would liven things up.

Richard Mabry said...

Priscilla, thanks for your comment and input. Yes, the blog makes sense, but the last time I looked only 20 or so individuals read i todayt. I've spent a significant amount of time writing things here twice a week as well as posting daily (well, sometimes I take weekends off) those links I thought were appropriate for readers and writers on my "author" page. I'm not sure of the end result, but I suspect there will be a change--nevertheless, be assured that I will continue to blog in some form and on some schedule.

Nancy said...

I agree with Priscilla's comments. I abhor social media, but I do enjoy reading blogs. I am an RN and can't get enough of your books.

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Nancy. That's appreciated.