Friday, November 15, 2019

Writing: Audio Books

I'm happy to announce that an audio version of my novella, Bitter Pill, is available. Just in time for Christmas gift-giving--isn't that a coincidence? Actually, it isn't, of course.

Audio books are really taking off, and I figured I might as well join the fun. I discovered that many of my earlier novels are available as audio books, and I've tried to make sure that  all of my novellas (for which I hold the rights) are likewise offered in this mode (as well as print and e-book formats).

For authors out there who have not investigated this, let me say that the first thing to do is consider whether your work was offered under contract with a publisher. If that is the case, your agent can speak with your editor about their hiring a narrator/producer to do your book, but you won't have any say-so (except maybe some input when it comes to choosing a narrator). If your book was self-published (ie, "indie" published) then it's up to you to make it available in audio format.

How do I do it. And is this expensive? Go to this link to find out. If you don't mind making the initial outlay (and producer/narrators vary in what they charge), the rest is easily done. It's still up to you to make certain the finished product is acceptable, but you get the royalties.

If you don't mind sharing royalties, and can find someone to do your book (and be certain you're happy with them, of course) using a royalty-sharing set-up, they'll get half the royalties. There's no initial outlay using this method. Of course, you're still out the cost of a cover, but this can be made from the original book cover with very little trouble.

Anyway, I'd recommend that authors look into making their book available in all formats--and this includes audio. I think you'll be glad you did.

Do you like audio books? Are your friends/family into them? Or are they just a passing fad?


Priscilla Bettis said...

I tend to read stories rather than listen to them. Still, audiobooks are awesome on road trips and while doing chores around the home.:-)

Richard Mabry said...

Priscilla, I also prefer the printed page. But there's no question that some folks tend to audio books, and if we don't make the ones we write available in that format we're cutting out a significant part of our audience. Thanks so much for your comment.