Tuesday, April 16, 2019

My Day...

I was looking through the archives of this blog, and decided that perhaps you'd be interested in what I posted a year ago. As it turned out, I wrote about a typical day. It's changed a bit since 2018, but not a lot, I guess.

First, I've found that one of the changes with age has to do with sleeping in. As I'm fond of putting it, "When you reach the point where you can sleep late, you find that you can't sleep late." And that's true for me. Every day I wake up when the coffee starts to perk (I set it the night before...unless I forget). So, about 6 or at the latest 6:30 I'm up. My wife and I watch the news that we recorded the evening before, have our usual 10 minute discussion on what to have for breakfast (I'm the guilty party here--the idea of "whatever you want" just doesn't compute with me), then eat it while watching one of the shows we've recorded.

Much of my morning is spent at the computer, although there's very little writing done during that time. Instead, I look at the emails I've received, read through the blogs I follow, and sometimes compose one or more of my own blog posts. Mid-morning we have some of the energy drink we've come to like. Then I try to write a bit, while my wife does the 101 things necessary to keep the house going. (Bless her heart, I guess that for quite a while I just assumed elves came in during the night and cleaned the toilet and washed my dirty clothes).

My afternoons often consist of writing, editing, and marketing, while she does all the things she has on her plate. But sometimes (don't tell!!), I take a nap. Dinner usually is taken at home, although sometimes it involves eating out. If we're at home, we watch some of the recorded programs we've picked up on our TV. (Don't let my kids know that we eat in front of the TV set). We usually end up with one or more shows that give us their "take" on the news of the day. (I won't say which ones, but if you've followed my posts you probably have an idea about my political leanings).

That's a typical day for me. Exciting, isn't it? I guess I'm an aberration among published authors, since I often read on social media about my colleagues who seem to spend their entire day writing. But, in the end, I suppose I may be what Lawrence Block calls a "Sunday writer." Nevertheless, I manage to keep things going, and have never missed a deadline--even those I set for myself.

What did you think a writer's day was like? Were you surprised? 


Patricia Bradley said...

When I'm not pushing a deadline, my day looks sort of like your, but when I a deadline looms, I usually get up around 5:30-6 and write a couple of hours, then write off and on until I meet my word quota for the day. But since I've just turned a book in, I've been taking it easy, working in my yard and doing research. :-)

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, we do have it nice, I guess--able to ease up every once in a while--but if we want to bring in something besides our advances, it's back to work. It's never as good as the non-writers think, I guess.

Priscilla Bettis said...

Yours sounds like a normal day.

We get up at 4:50. It's a quiet, productive time of day. After feeding the hubster I immediately get to work as focused as I can for 90 minutes. At 90 minutes my brain complains. Then I take a break, check email n stuff.

Later in the day I write more or I study the craft, but no more than a 60 minute chunk. My goal this quarter is to work up to 4 hours total of deep, focused work per day. (We'll see!)

Sometimes I nap, too, but not too much or else it's hard to fall asleep at night, and I want to get a healthy night's sleep.

Funny about dinner. We often chill on the couch and watch a Netflix show during dinner, and we NEVER did that before we were empty nesters!

Richard Mabry said...

Priscilla, isn't it funny how glamorous our lives as writers really are? Sometimes I think it would be better if we live behind a curtain and people just imagined how wonderful are the lives we lead.