Tuesday, February 12, 2019


What do you do on those long weekend afternoons, without a football game to occupy you? Personally, I've not had to work to find things to occupy my time--apparently people look on "being retired" as a synonym for "having nothing to do." I'm glad to help, but retirement isn't a long stretch of naps and watching TV. At least, not at our house.

What do we have to occupy us? For example, there's that stack of receipts and forms on the desk that have to be brought into some semblance of order as the tax deadline approaches. It seems as though there's always something to do. How about at your house?

Anyway, what do you do to avoid boredom on weekend afternoons? I think it would be interesting to hear.


Priscilla said...

On weekends, Dear Husband and I walk our hound around the loop (4.25 miles). I also read. Then there are the not-as-fun things that everybody has to do on weekends: chores, home repairs, and taxes during tax season!

Patricia Bradley said...

There are people who have time on their hands?? There are not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done and get in a nap! :-)

Richard Mabry said...

Priscilla, don't say nasty things like "taxes," I'm still working on mine.
And Patricia, naps are essential.

Dawn Turner said...

I'm not sure I'll ever understand people who get "bored". I understand about certain things being boring (like sitting through a lecture given by a monotone speaker), but otherwise? I don't get it. I can only assume folks who are bored don't have any hobbies or interests other than the one thing they actually WANT to be doing when they say they're "bored". Aside from my writing, I do a lot of reading and research (for both personal use AND writing). In addition, I also bead (both simply beading and create my own patterns), do photography, play with my dogs, spend time chatting with my husband and family members, and sometimes watch TV shows or movies on DVD (I abhor commercials). Never lack for something to do, so the concept of "bored" is foreign.

As for taxes, I kind of laughed my way through that just yesterday. It's amazing how the IRS can take something relatively straight-forward like a single tax form and complicate it to death so you have to use MANY forms to accomplish what one can. Hey, at least I was able to laugh about it. LOL

Richard Mabry said...

Dawn, I note that not once did you mention baseball, football, or other sports many of us spend our Sunday afternoon watching. Keep on being active. And thanks for your comment.