Wednesday, January 02, 2019

A New Year

We've made it through the holidays, and now it's time to look ahead to 2019. (It's hard to get used to that number). This is the time of year when everyone looks at the extra few pounds they've put on and decides to do something about it--join a health club, start walking regularly, avoid the scales. Whatever.

One thing I am considering doing was brought home to me by the myriad of people who sent me (and probably everyone else on their FB friends list) a message, especially those with attached images. I don't open those (I've been told they sometimes contain viruses) but it's made me look carefully at my "friends" list. Unfortunately, when I click those names, I often end up wondering, "Who are these folks?"

Yes, authors are encouraged to maintain a social media presence, but sometimes I wonder why. So I'm looking more carefully at the requests I get. This is a nice chance to connect with some people that I've let slip by me, but it's hard to accept the friendship of someone whose major connection is  two mutual friends with me, neither of whom I know.

What about you? Are you going to clean up your FB friends list as we start this year? Why or why not? Let me know.


Ramona Richards said...

It's frustrating to me, this strange pushme-pullyou that goes on between needing to connect with a network and managing a list so that you see more friends than strangers. I use the snooze button a LOT on FB, and try to manage the others without spending a LOT of time. But it's never easy.

Richard Mabry said...

Ramona, I use the button to delete posts, but haven't used the "snooze" as much as I should. I've also been unfollowing and (if their post is really something that grates on me) unfriending. Thanks for your comment (which I'll neither delete nor block).

Priscilla said...

I don't have a FB account. I hear just as many negatives about it as positives, so I'm not sure I'll EVER want a FB account.

Richard Mabry said...

Priscilla, you're not alone. Some folks who had FB accounts have let them go, as have some people with Twitter accounts. I can't disagree.