Friday, December 14, 2018

Writing: Christmas Season

One of the first things I heard about writing was that nothing gets done during the two, three, or four weeks around Christmas in the publishing industry. Agent inquiries languish on hard drives, editors don't answer queries, and writers slack off for the holidays. I tried to adjust, as did many others involved in publishing. But that's changed, and one of the changes involves Christmas novels and novellas.

I first became aware of Christmas books through observing what my colleagues were releasing at this time of year. It didn't take long before I put two and two together and decided that having a new book out with a Christmas theme was an opportunity to capitalize on the gift market. Now it's a big thing--both in indie-publishing and from the established publishers.

I wanted to become a part of this trend once I started publishing my work independently, jumping into the Christmas novella scene with Silent Night, Deadly Night. This worked out pretty well, so I decided to publish another novella this year around Christmas, but I couldn't come up with a plot that I liked. Finally, though, I wrote one that took place just before Christmas and featured snow--close enough. And thus, Emergency Case was born. I doubt that it will replace the latest toy as this year's most popular Christmas present, but we'll see.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to you all. Enjoy the season, but don't forget the reason we celebrate.

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I enjoyed Silent Night, Deadly Night and thought the title of your novella was very good. I was working Christmas Night at Ward Trucking in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, which is roughly four miles north of Harrisburg, PA. I heard gun shots and police went flying past my job sight. Wondering if the shooter read Silent Night, Deadly Night!!! HAHAHA Anyway, your Christmas Novellas are worth reading.

Patricia Bradley said...

I really enjoyed Silent Night, Deadly Night, too! I wrote a Christmas novella that was part of an anthology and I really need to market it...

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks for your comments. Patricia, I long for the days (and maybe they're apocryphal) when all an author had to do was write. Seems like I spend an inordinate amount of time marketing what I've put out there.
Merry Christmas to all.