Friday, November 30, 2018

Writing: Finished!

I've heard it a number of times since I came (kicking and screaming and dragging my heels sometimes) to this writing business: "Writers don't so much like to write as they like to have written." It's true. Nothing compares with the feeling of writing "the end," of doing the edits and correcting the errors, of setting up the interviews, and finally seeing the finished product. At that point, the writer can truly feel that they have written. Before that there was a lot of effort, all aimed at this final state.

Earlier this week was the launch date for my fifth novella, Emergency Case. This, together with my dozen novels, makes seventeen books of fiction published with my name on the cover. I had no idea when I set out to write a book about my experiences after the death of my first wife, The Tender Scar, that this would be the result. But at the writer's conference where I began to understand writing and publication, I was challenged to "try my hand at fiction." Since you don't challenge a person to try something, whether it's bowling or writing, my reaction was to get to it. And four years spent writing four manuscripts that garnered forty rejections led me to the "overnight success" that has marked my writing journey. Go figure.

Do you have thoughts about writing (including "have written") you'd like to share?

Note: There are several interview sites where I bare my soul (well, almost) and you have a chance to win a copy of Emergency Case. They are here and here and here and here. And if you win one of the copies but have already bought the book, I'll send you an Amazon gift card. How's that?

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Patricia Bradley said...

I too love having written. But usually when I’m in the first draft and I’m struggling for words, there’s something in me that says even when writing is like pulling teeth there’s nothing I’d rather do. From Tiberius, Israel.

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, I'm glad you joined in (even from Tiberius)--hope you all are having a great time.
Folks, remember that Patricia is giving away an ARC of Emergency Case to a randomly selected commenter at her blog. Which one of the links in my post is hers? Guess you'll have to click them all.

Priscilla Bettis said...

Today I finished a first draft (a Nanowrimo project). It feels great to be done, but having not fully edited a manuscript before, I don't know if editing is going to be easier or harder. Guess I'm gonna find out!

Richard Mabry said...

Priscilla, some people find that editing is harder, some that it's easier than writing the first draft. For me, editing is always easiest, because the outline of the plot's already there. Either way, hang in there. Doesn't it feel good to have written (not just "to write")?