Friday, June 08, 2018

Writing: My Next Novel

People who have never written a book say, "I wish I could do that." People who have actually done it look at their manuscript and say, "I wish I could get it published." People who hold their first book in their hands say, "I did it." The next noise these people hear is the sound of agents, publishers, and readers saying, "When's the next one?" Add to that the challenges that await the author who decides to go the "indie-route" and you have my current situation.

When I became a hybrid author, one who has been published by a traditional pub house but decides for one reason or another to self-publish, I found a number of surprises waiting. But whether indie- or traditionally-published, one thing is universal among writers--an emotion experienced by first-time authors and someone (like me) who has seen multiple books with their name on the cover: the release date is always accompanied by some nervousness.

I've sent out almost a dozen copies of the e-book format of my next novel, Guarded Prognosis, for review. When I started seeing some nice postings about the book on Goodreads and getting emails directed to me saying they liked it, I breathed a sigh of relief. And now it's time for the general public to chime in.

We've made the Kindle version of the book available for pre-order (at about 40% off until release on July 17, at which time it goes up to the final price). I'm told that Amazon won't put the print version up for pre-order yet. However, on July 17, both the Kindle and print versions will be available via Amazon. And lest you say, "I don't have a Kindle," there are apps available--free of charge on Amazon--that let you download and read these books on Macs. (Currently the Kindle for PC is "unavailable"--don't know why).

One other thing a writer learns to expect is the question, "When's the next one?" I hope to release a novella this winter--Emergency Call--that features a physician who backs out of her snow-covered drive and runs over the corpse of a man her attorney-husband just defended. Watch for it. And meanwhile, I hope you read and enjoy Guarded Prognosis.

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Priscilla said...

I actually gasped reading this blog post. "A physician who backs of her snow-covered drive and runs over the corpse of a man her attorney-husband just defended." Good heavens! (And good for you!)

Richard Mabry said...

Priscilla, that one is actually in the process of editing (yes, I use an outside editor as well as an independent cover artist), and should be ready in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy my newest novel.

Patricia Bradley said...

Oh, wow, Richard! You really know how to drop a bomb! Can't wait to read it! And about writing - I often think about how long it takes me to write something a reader finishes in a day or two...

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Patricia. Not sure how much of a bomb this is, but I hope the reader enjoys my work--even if they read it in a day or two. I appreciate your comment.