Friday, June 01, 2018

Writing: Does It Matter Where?

A recent post about J. K. Rowling donating the chair in which she did her writing made me think about writing space and whether it matters where an author composes his/her work.

When I retired from medicine, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted an "office" in my home. Not only could I write there, but it would also be a place where I paid bills, did correspondence, and "retreated" to avoid bugging my wife. I'll have to admit that I'm not an author who would make James Scott Bell proud, since I don't set a quota for my daily writing. I've gotten a lot from Jim's books and lectures, but that's one of his rules I've never managed to put into practice. Then again, I've never missed a publication deadline or failed to finish a book on time, so my philosophy of "whatever works" seems to be holding up fine.

Some authors make a habit of writing at a neighborhood coffee shop--usually Starbucks. I know a number of them who say they're unable to write without their laptop at their favorite table, while they sip a grande latte made with a double shot of Kenyan blend, soy milk, and sugar in the raw.  Since I rarely drink coffee except what is brewed at our house, I'll probably never know.  I do know that some of my colleagues enjoy writing on laptops, because they prefer to write at their favorite coffee house or in various rooms (often more than one) in their home. Again, I'll simply say, "Whatever works."

Do you think it matters where a writer crafts his/her books? When you try to type the great American novel, do you look around you for inspiration, or do you prefer silence? Let me know. Meanwhile, I suppose I'll stick with my little office. It's so small the mice are hunch-backed, but it works for me.

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NOTE: For those of you who follow my "author page" on Facebook, I'm going to take a "sort of" vacation during the month of June. I'll be cutting down the number of posts there, including no posts on weekends. Enjoy the summer.


Priscilla Bettis said...

Nope, it doesn't matter where I write, library, office, sofa, whatever. Quiet is a must though. I don't even like those gentle, white noise machines. How in the world do people write in the midst of a coffee shop? But like you said, whatever works.

Gotta go finish my quota now.:-)

Patricia Bradley said...

I agree with Priscilla--how in the world does anyone write in a coffee shop? I do like to write on a laptop and listen to music.

EM Griffith said...

Since I did a lot of food writing, it was a laptop on the kitchen table in the last years. Before that it was scribbling notes on paper and typing it all up at the desktop computer in the office. My DH was so happy to have a home office all to himself when I migrated to the kitchen table. He'd love your space.

Richard Mabry said...
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