Tuesday, June 05, 2018

June is Bustin' Out All Over...

Or, at least that's what the musical says. Somehow, June has sneaked up on us. Our weather here in Texas has apparently decided to go straight to summer, and the temperatures lately have been more typical of August than the end of May.

This is the month school is "finally" out. The sounds you hear are cheers from the children and subdued sobbing from the parents who are frantically planning what they can do to keep their kids occupied until school starts again.

Graduation for many high schools takes place in late May or early June. I had occasion to attend one this past weekend, and couldn't help thinking about the emotions going through the heads of those who are receiving their diplomas. Some are going directly to the workforce, some have committed to our armed forces, many are headed for college. I've been through that, both myself and as a parent, and I can only say to each of them--Godspeed.

This summer, my wife will be doing some grandmothering, I'm getting ready to release my next novel (it hardly seems like this will be my sixteenth), and our extended family is about to head out on various vacations. What does your summer look like?


Paula said...

Our summer has a few important things. Our daughter’s baby son will be baptized on the 24 th. Our 8th grandbaby. It is also a time for several birthdays and our 49th Anniversary! One of our sons is moving into a new house.

Patricia Bradley said...

I'm celebrating a book release today! And doing research and working on the first book in my Natchez Park Rangers series...which will entail taking a trip to Natchez soon. Oh, and going to conferences--I'm teaching Scrivener next week at the Ken-Ten Writers retreat. Pray for me. It's a hard subject to teach. lol

Have fun with the grandkiddos this summer!

Priscilla said...

My summer:
1) Continuing the ongoing battle with the red wasps who want to nest in our eaves. (I'm SCARED of them!)
2) Finish first draft of my current WIP, a dark fantasy.
3) Revise first draft of previous novel, also a spooky story.
4) Continue to learn the craft. (I'm a novice.) I figure most of my learning is by writing and revising these first novels, but I'm also reading lots of genre books and making my way through how-to-write books.

Congrats to Patricia on her new book release!

Jackie Smith said...

Probably have a hot, humid summer in GA...but I will be reading YOUR book!

Patricia Bradley said...

Thanks, Priscilla!

Richard Mabry said...

Sorry to miss out on responding to those comments--computer problems yesterday. I guess it doesn't matter where you do the work. The end product is all that counts.