Tuesday, May 01, 2018

What Makes Me Smile?

It hardly seems possible that it's been almost 19 years since the death of my first wife...and over 17 since my second wife and I were married. God has gifted me, not only with the love once more of a wonderful woman, but also with almost 20 more years of life, years I didn't think I had.

Not only that, He's provided me with a second profession, one that keeps me--as my uncle used to say-- off street corners and out of pool halls (and out of my wife's way) during these retirement years. One never knows what He has prepared for us. I certainly didn't think my second career would be writing.

I got to thinking about the things that now give me pleasure. Here are just a few:

--listening to our church choir and some of the wonderful soloists we're privileged to hear...and to our pastor as he makes the Word come alive.

--seeing one of our local sports teams do well (a definite rarity nowadays...but there's always next year, I guess).

--having the opportunity to visit in person with my children and grandchildren, despite the factors, including distance, that keep us from seeing each other more frequently.

--seeing a plot come together with an unexpected twist or two (even to me) as I near the end of a novel, while wondering for the hundredth time why I prefer to be a "pantser" rather than a "plotter."

--my first view of the cover for my next novel. (By the way, I'll be releasing this full-length novel this summer. Stay tuned for details, and a sneak peek).

What makes you smile? I'd like to know. Leave your comments below. And thanks.

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Betti said...

Many things make me smile, but perhaps the most is our dog, Rikki. She is forever doing things that make us smile and laugh. She is just so much fun! Lately the weather has made me smile....the sun shines more often and it is actually getting warmer here in west central MN.

Richard Mabry said...

Betti, isn't it wonderful how much sunshine brightens our mood? Thanks for your comment.

Patricia Bradley said...

Sunshine - something we've had little of this spring. :-) And like you, when a plot comes together. And my family. And my cats, Suzy and Tux...

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, like me, it doesn't take a lot to make you happy, does it? Thanks for your comment.


I think and believe what makes you smile is the enjoyment of knowing you have an audience to entertain. And once you read "reader's" reviews and/or write-ups...telling you how much they enjoy your work. Hopefully encouraging you the novels or novellas coming.


I'm also looking forward to reading your next novel and seeing the finished version.