Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Years ago, one of my duties for our large professional specialty organization was writing a column for our bulletin that I called "Miscellanea Medica." Today, I'm going to post various miscellaneous thoughts about a number of things, but none of these are medical.

Spring: our weather here in this part of the world has been on a roller coaster ride--from freezing cold to mild temperatures to sunshine to wind to the promise (thus far unfulfilled) of rain. I guess it's truly spring in Texas.

Sports: as a Dallas Cowboys fan, I gave up on pro football some time back. Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles for their win in the Super Bowl--now excuse me while I get some more coffee to rinse that taste out of my mouth. And as a baseball fan, remember that pitchers and catchers report for spring training soon. Hang on. Hope springs eternal.

Holidays: for all the men who might otherwise forget, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Hurry to get that candy, a card, and a dinner reservation. I remember once when we decided at the last minute to go out for dinner on that day--big mistake. And for all the women affected, please forgive us. Some of us aren't that great about remembering days like this. Then again, maybe we remember the important things.

Writing: My novella, Surgeon's Choice, released last month, and is doing well, for which I think you. I've done a bunch of interviews, and have a guest post coming up tomorrow (Feb. 14) on the Southern Writers blog. I hope you'll check it out. My next release will be my novel, Guarded Prognosis, which I hope to publish this summer. Stay tuned.

Enough, I guess. Come back on Friday, when I'll have another post about the writing life.


Elise Griffith said...

We lived in the Dallas area for 4 years. I remember the weather in spring & fall as being bipolar. We were in TX when my DH did one of the most romantic things. Our oldest was 2 and a handful. My DH offered to get him to bed one night. I was washing dishes when he came in, said he would finish the dishes and took me by the hand. He led me to our bathroom where there was a bubble bath and lit candles. My pajamas were laid out, too. It was so sweet. Happy Valentine's Day!

Richard Mabry said...

Elise, thanks for sharing this story. Your husband has set the bar pretty high for the rest of us (and that's a good thing). Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.

Patricia Bradley said...

Aw, Elise, what a sweet story. I have no Valentine's story, but I enjoyed this post on this and that. Couldn't spell the other. ;-)

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, I suspect that you can not only spell "miscellanea," but know the meaning. Thanks for stopping by.