Friday, December 29, 2017

Writing: No Rest For The Holidays

Well, you live and learn. Previously, I never gave a thought to when my publisher was going to release my next book (except to wish it could be sooner). One of the things "hybrid" or "indie" authors learn is that pretty much everything is up to them--writing, revising, publication, marketing, the whole bag. And that includes choosing a time for release of the work.

Like most authors, I wanted to release my book as soon as it was ready. Most of the publishers take the holidays off, you say? Not me. Surgeon's Choice was done, and I was ready to release it. How about right after the new year? So that's what I set up. But I hadn't given much thought to the marketing of the work.

I talked with several of my author friends who had blogs  (don't all authors have one?) and set up interviews, which included giving away a book for a commenter. (I'll mention those sites as they come up). I wanted my followers to have a chance to get the novella at a pre-publication price for the Kindle format, so that had to be set up. And since I thought this was a good time to introduce my work to some folks who'd received a Kindle for Christmas, I wanted to make one of my prior novellas free in that format for a few days after Christmas.

Now I see why most publishers avoid releasing a new book around holiday time. But I did, and I hope you'll enjoy it. Excuse me, but I have to finish one last interview and check on the order for copies of Surgeon's Choice. Happy New Year. See you next week.


Jackie Smith said...

Richard, I appreciate your free offer on the SNDN....I downloaded it and plan to read NEXT!
I think authors are great,and we don't show our appreciation for them as often as we should. THANKS!
Happy New Year!!

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Jackie, for your comment and your support.

Patricia Bradley said...

Thank you for the preorder price! I thought I'd already preordered,(certainly meant to) but when I got there I hadn't. So now I'm waiting for it to drop into my inbox!

Happy New Year!

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, hope you enjoy Surgeon's Choice. May 2018 be great for you and yours.

Paula Shreckhise said...

Thanks for all your hard work! And thanks for the free novella. I really enjoy your books and am anxious to read th3 new one.

Richard Mabry said...

Paula, enjoy SNDN (as we call it for brevity). And be sure to pre-order Surgeon's Choice at the pre-publication price (which is good only for Kindle, unfortunately).


Just wanted to wish you and your your family a Very Happy and Safe New Year's. Will be purchasing Surgeon's Choice once the printed format is available. Have a very successful year in writing.