Tuesday, November 07, 2017

I'm Still Standing

One of the organizations of which I'm a member is called NINC--Novelists, Inc. And the latest newsletter from that group had some information in it that I really needed to read. It's about the trials of "traditionally published" (i.e., not independent) authors--those who have a contract with a publishing house. As I read the experiences of those folks, I realized that many of my colleagues and I had gone through similar experiences--contracts not renewed because of sales figures, publishing houses closing their fiction lines, other publishers encountering financial difficulties. Yet, here were those folks--and me--"still standing." We came through difficulties because we didn't just say, "I quit." We didn't give up. And therein, I suppose, lies a lesson.

No matter our circumstances, there are times when life takes an unexpected turn. When one of these happens, there are times that I've been tempted to just curl up in a fetal position and surrender. And--be honest--so have you and most other folks. But we end up working through the crisis that we face. Sometimes, our lives change dramatically, but we adjust. Truly, we're "still standing."

We've all heard that if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. (The old joke is that if life gives you melons, you may be dyslexic.) But all joking aside, our attitude in the end should be, "I can get through this." In my case, I turn to God. Maybe you feel differently, but whatever we do, we keep plugging along.

Got anything to say on this subject? I suspect that everyone who reads this can think of one or a number of situations where you were tempted to give up. Let us hear your story of how you got through it, and are still standing.

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Patricia Bradley said...

I'll never forget the time an agency threatened to pull our grant which meant I was losing my job. I couldn't believe my first thought was that God must have something else in mind--something awesome. And he did.

Because we did such a great job, the governor went to bat for us and the grant wasn't pulled right then, but we were advised it wouldn't be renewed. So we started looking for another grant and found a much better one that we wrote for and received. And then another one. If we hadn't lost the first one and then turned to God for guidance, we probably would have stayed in that little state grant rather than try for the bigger ones.

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, thanks for sharing this. There's no question that God can take even an event that seems catastrophic and make good things come of it. He doesn't cause bad things to happen, but He certainly uses them at times.