Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Aaaaand...here's December.

There was a time when a large segment of America stayed up to watch Johnny Carson's monologue. And it was always preceded by Ed McMahon's drawn-out introductory phrase: Heeeere's Johnny. Well, folks--for those who haven't been paying attention, heeere's December.

It seems that we can't possibly rush the seasons enough. The day after Thanksgiving, there were some houses in our neighborhood that had outside lights up, lighted Christmas trees in windows, and I suspect that if we lived in a more affluent suburb, there'd be a snow machine blowing white stuff around (while the ambient temperature outside was approaching 80 degrees). Hey, what's your hurry?

What do you think? Have we rushed the season too much? I recall the "old days" when Christmas merchandise didn't find its way onto the shelves until December. Have your traditions kept pace with the "new" schedule, or do you still refuse to decorate for the Christmas holidays until the last of the Thanksgiving turkey has been disposed of? I'd like to hear.

Meanwhile, excuse me while I help dig out the Christmas decorations. After all, December will be here soon.

(Note: for all those who might be interested. I'll start the final run-through on my novella, Surgeon's Choice, tomorrow. I hope to have it available for pre-order in the next few weeks. As always, subscribers to my newsletter will hear about it first.)


EM Griffith said...

My husband and I grew up in homes where Christmas decorations weren't pulled out of storage until December. We've stuck to that tradition. Some neighbors had decorations up before Thanksgiving. Stores had decorations up when Halloween candy buying was underway!

However and whenever you (and your readers) gear up for Christmas, my prayer is you'll have more peace than stress this year. One gal I know is already exhausted & sore from spending days decorating the whole house down to towels, rugs and dishes. Not to mention all the Christmas lights outside. And a month of back-to-back parties/events ahead. It's okay to scale back, relax and enjoy this time of year with a quiet, grateful heart. May the Lord bless you!

Richard Mabry said...

Elise, I have to agree. Best to you and yours, and thanks for your comment.

Patricia Bradley said...

My Christmas decorations don't go up until early December, more because I don't have time to haul everything out than anything else. :-) I'll probably put my tree up around the 12th...and be lucky to get it down by the middle of January. lol

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, I'm with you. How do people have time for all this if they try to do the writing/editing/marketing that goes along with being a writer? I'm going to try to slow down, but it's not easy. Thanks for your comment.