Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The tooth, the whole tooth, nothing but...

I wasn't certain what I was going to write about this afternoon, but I soon discovered it didn't matter. While my wife was away from the house for a bit, I felt a little peckish so I decided to try the caramel-coated popcorn we bought from one of our granddaughters who was selling things for their Girl Scout troop. I bit down and felt something hard. Thinking there was an unpopped kernel, I shoved it forward with my tongue and examined it. Unfortunately, it wasn't popcorn. It was the major portion of an upper tooth.

To be fair, it was the first tooth of mine that had ever undergone a root canal (there've been two more, and they're fine), and at my last check-up the dentist told me it might go at any time. But, to be honest, I sort of figured it would last as long as I did. Obviously I was wrong.

Anyway, I'll be seeing my dentist this AM for whatever he thinks is necessary to get things back in order. Meanwhile, I'll reflect on my good fortune to have (relatively) good health, and that help is available if that something goes awry. See you on my regular blog day this coming Friday.


Patricia Bradley said...

I feel your pain ($$). But glad you have a good dentist!

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia--thanks for thinking about me. I see the oral surgeon tomorrow for extraction of the remainder of the tooth (not enough to hang a crown on) and to start the process of an implant. Glad we have fairly good dental insurance.