Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The big question

It's time to answer the big question. Not "will you celebrate Halloween?" I'll leave that question for another time. (How about "Never?" Will that work?) If you have children, their question is usually, "Is my costume ready?", or maybe "Is it time to go trick-or-treating yet?" But the question around our house is what kind of candy to have available.

There are plenty of children in our neighborhood who'll come to our door (and even some older children--and that, too, is a subject for another time). We try to have candy for them, but my wife always asks me, "What kind shall I buy?" I've finally settled on an answer--"The kind we'll eat if there's some left over." And there's always some left over. Sometimes we have lots of kids come by, sometimes not many at all, but we have to be prepared for the larger number. So this year, as we've done in the past, we'll lay in a supply of candy that we can enjoy if there's some left over.

How about at your house? Are you preparing for costumed children to come to your door? Or do you turn off the lights and hunker down, hoping they'll go away when no one answers the doorbell?


Elise Griffith said...

We didn't have many trick-or-treaters for years, but have moved to a neighborhood with lots of kids. We bought 2 big bags of assorted candies. Any leftovers will be used in small Dollar Tree stockings at Christmas as gifts.

Jackie Smith said...

We are exactly opposite, Elise. We are now NOT in a neighborhood. However, when we were I bought candy like Richard...keeping in mind buying what we liked..if leftovers!

Patricia Bradley said...

I didn't do the candy buying this year (someone else did), but when I do, I buy candy I don't like. That way I'm not tempted to eat it afterward. lol

Paula said...

Our Church does Trunk or Treat for Reformation Day, tonight. We will hunker down with the lights off. Hubby has been sick a few days anyway. We just don’t celebrate Halloween.