Friday, September 15, 2017

Writing: Charting A Course

Given my 'druthers, and because I'm now retired,  I sometimes don't plan beyond the end of the week. However, in my second profession, I have to realize that an author must chart their course well into the future, so that's what I've done. Those who receive my newsletter just got the news about a brief price reduction on one of my novellas. If you haven't already bought and read Doctor's Dilemma, go to Amazon and look for the Kindle version, which is on sale via Kindle Countdown for the next few days. (The best price ends today--and let me remind you that, even though you don't have a Kindle, you can get a free app from Amazon that allows you to read a Kindle book on your computer). Feel free to pass the information on to your friends. And, if you read the novella, please leave an honest review on the Amazon site. They're appreciated.

Next month I'll be sending out news (first to my newsletter recipients and then via this blog) of another brief price reduction on a different novella. I hope to have news of an audio version of Doctor's Dilemma for you in another couple of months, with a new novella ready for publication before the end of the year. To sum it up, I plan to keep writing...and doing the other stuff that goes with it...for a while. I hope you'll come along with me.

Any suggestions about future projects for me, either novels or novellas? Do you like audio recordings? Is your preference for short or long work? Let me know. I read every comment (and try to respond).

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Patricia Bradley said...

Somehow this one slipped under my radar! I have it now and will read and review it. Thanks! I like both novels and novellas, but I do think the novella fits the digital books better.

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Patricia, Don't feel bad about missing one. I continue to get emails from fans who praise the book of mine they read, and ask if I've written any others!
I agree with you--lots of people like the novellas, because of the time it takes to read them, the lower price of the ebook, and other factors. I've enjoyed the independence of indie-publishing, and my plans--as you can see--are novel, novella, novel, novella.

Patricia Bradley said...

That's a great plan, Richard! I've written two novellas and have a couple more noodling around in my head. :-)