Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Donations for Hurricane Harvey Victims

We got a phone call at midnight about ten days ago from Kay's great-niece, saying she was moving everything to the second story of their house--including getting neighbors to help move Kay's sister who is bedridden--because the flood waters were rising. It's been an up and down thing since then, and now there's another storm heading for the US. I don't know what the next hurricane will do. But I do know that the relief efforts, both by first responders and government personnel and by Texans who pitched in with their boats and their bodies, have been fantastic, as have those who opened their pocketbooks and hearts to help.

Just a word of warning--and, unfortunately, it usually comes to this. I've made several donations that will go to helping the people who need it most, and I'll make more. But beware of those who register spurious websites to intercept what would be well-intentioned help for those in need. Rather than detailing it here, let me suggest that you click this link and read the article. It's sickening, but that's kind of the way of our world now.

I'll be back on Friday with a post about writing.  Meanwhile, please give to those in need--but make certain your donation gets to them. Thanks.


Patricia Bradley said...

Our meal truck at our church is sitting on ready, just waiting for the word to go to Texas. I've found my local church is the best way to donate.

Paula Shreckhise said...

Local churches are a great way to donate,. Our denomination has a really great percentage going to relief efforts! Something like 97%. Beware of national organizations also -- I have seen documentation that the Red Cross has a 3% - get to the real people - rate!
But we can all pray! Yes Richard - don't get taken in- research! Thanks

Richard Mabry said...

Pat and Paula, thanks for your comments. Yes, the best way for us is through our local church. They are contacting churches in the Gulf region and helping meet their needs--and, from all I've heard, money is the best thing to give right now.