Friday, July 28, 2017

Writing: Book Release

Today is the "official" release date of my latest novel of medical suspense, Cardiac Event.  You've heard the expression, "This isn't my first rodeo?" Well, this isn't my first book release--actually, it's my eleventh published novel, along with the three novellas, one non-fiction book, and numerous medical textbooks I've authored along the way. And I thought it would be interesting to note how things have changed over the past decade or so.

When my first novel, Code Blue, was released. I was thrilled, of course, and I arranged a book launch and reading at a local bookstore. There was a cake, I read from the book, tried to act like an author, and enjoyed every minute of it. I'd worked hard to get people to attend, and ended up with something like twenty in attendance. Then one of the bookstore employees mentioned that they'd had a signing there about a month before that featuried a well-known author, and had an even smaller crowd.

Did I have a cake for this new one one? Or a book signing? No,  I  did this one a bit differently. I put together a group of ten people as "influencers" to whom I sent print copies of Cardiac Event. I included a listing of things an influencer could do (borrowed from a similar list put together by author Jody Hedlund). Since I was self-publishing this one, I could arrange the price a bit--at least, of the ebook format--so I did as I'd done with my most recent novella and arranged a pre-publication price that was much lower then the regular one. Did it help? We'll see.

I've arranged a number of interviews and guest blogs, such as this one on Fresh Fiction. Also, in many of these instances I'll offer a copy of Cardiac Event to a randomly selected winner. Two of these are on the blogs of Lena Dooley and Carrie Schmidt. I encourage you to visit them both. By the way, if you purchase a copy and then win one, just send me proof of your purchase and I'll send you an Amazon gift card.

The best marketing tool, according to my friend, James Scott Bell, is to write the best book you can. I hope that's what I did with this one, but my readers will let me know if that's true. Meanwhile, as I generally sign my fiction, "Enjoy." And thanks.


Patricia Bradley said...

Mind dropped into my account this morning! I'll be reading it soon!

I don't do many book signings. Just in my hometown. Wishing you many, many sales on Cardiac Event!

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Patricia. Hope you enjoy it.
No, I think we've both discovered that book signings, although popular in the past, aren't "the thing" anymore. When you discover what is, let me know. : )

Elise Griffith said...

Purchased. Best wishes on good sales!

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Elise. Hope you enjoy it.

greg fuller said...

I will get my copy when the printed format is released. I'm looking for reading the novel, as your novels rock.