Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What's Your Opinion On Free Stuff?

The statue a left is from Waikiki, and depicts Duke Kahanamoku, virtually a legend in the Islands. Duke was an olympic surfer, as well as  a law enforcement officer, an actor, a beach volleyball player and businessman. I recall Arthur Godfrey (yes, I'm that old) quoting these words from Duke Kahanamoku: "For free, take. For buy, waste time." I

Do you think of this when you hear a voice on the phone or a person at the door telling you they're with such-and-such company, and they already have a crew working in your area? so they'd be happy to give you a free estimate/inspection/etc? Right after a hail-storm in our area, the offers come pouring in from roofing companies, ready to offer their services with a "free estimate." And today's mail just brought a booklet full of coupons offering discounts and deals from a variety of vendors, from restaurants to car repair shops. Do you use these or toss them?

As a participant in the writing world, I note more and more of my colleagues offering their work at discounted prices, some even at no charge, in order to get more sales for their work . Is this a good thing or a bad thing? What's your feeling about free estimates, no-obligation evaluations, and free or low cost e-books? Does all this come under Duke's rule? Or is it something that ends up saving you money and introducing you to a company (or author) you eventually stick with?

That having been said, I'll remind you that I've chosen to offer the ebook version of my next novel, Cardiac Event, for a discounted pre-publication price. I'll await your comments as to what you think of this offer and all the others.


Elise Griffith said...

Freebies don't always entice me, although discounts often do. I suppose I don't trust freebies. There's usually a catch. I'll be buying the print copy of 'Cardiac Event' as soon as it's available; my budget for books is up to $20 for favorite authors and/or those that intrigue me. I'm a compulsive reader.

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Elise. I honestly believe that, in most instances, you get what you pay for. If there's a genuine discount on a product we like, of course, that's different.

Patricia Bradley said...

I'm with Elise. I never pay full retail price on clothes and household items unless what I want knocks me down and drags me to the register. :-)

Here, we get free estimates for almost everything from carpet to car repair, so I don't think twice about that.