Thursday, May 11, 2017

Almost Forgot--Chatting Today on CAN Blog

Does your life ever get so busy you almost forget an important event? Well, mine does. I almost forgot that I was doing a chat on the Christian Authors Network blog today. I hope you'll click on over and read it. You can learn why author Kevin Thompson and I feel the way we do about the comparison between a cup of coffee at your favorite Starbucks and a novel written by an author.

And come back here Friday for my blog on how (and why) authors get paid for their efforts.


Elise Griffith said...

Wonderful "chat". Thank you for sharing!

greg fuller said...

Although I have yet to read Doctor's Dilemma, from reading this interview, it reminds of a book written by Dr. Robin Cook...THE YEAR OF THE INTERN. Where in the scene of the book a doctor who has graduated from medical school and is now working in a major hospital. the doctor first has to pronounce a patient dead...then go tell the family their beloved one has passed away. Being a doctor, does not appear to be a ball of wax...that's why I enjoy medical thrillers and I'm looking forward to reading Doctor's Dilemma.