Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Only In Texas

We were playing golf recently and my partner (who has never met a stranger) was talking with a man he met on the first tee. "I was born in Memphis, Texas. That's near Turkey." Because I'd heard this before, I almost missed the man's response. "Yep. Home of Bob Wills." For those of you who aren't acquainted with Texas music, Bob Will and the Texas Playboys pioneered the type of music known as "Western Swing."

My own history goes back to Decatur, Texas--best known through the dice-rolling chant, "Eighter from Decatur." We had the Waggoner Mansion, the Chisolm Trail (which ran through the men's room at the Wise County Courthouse, leading to some jokes I won't repeat here), and several other things for which we were famous, but nothing topped "Eighter from Decatur."

What's your favorite town, and why? It doesn't even have to be in Texas. Leave a comment with your answer. (I'll be away from a computer today, so talk among yourselves--and play nicely).


Richard Mabry said...

I forgot to mention Dime Box (Old and New), Cut And Shoot, Balsora, and some of my other favorites.

Patricia Bradley said...

Bucksnort is a great place to visit in Tennessee. And Bull Frog's Corner in Mississippi. :-)

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, I've heard of Bucksnort, although I've yet to visit. But I have been to Snook, Texas.