Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Some Holidays Are "More Equal Than Others"

I read the book, 1984, many years ago, and one phrase has stuck with me. In the society about which George Orwell writes, all citizens are equal--but, as one character puts it, some are "more equal than others."

I thought of this when I looked to see if the Columbus Day holiday had affected our trash pickup schedule. It hadn't--our garbage collection is pushed forward a day because of some holidays, but not this one. I also discovered that one granddaughter had Columbus Day off from school, the other attended a school that day like any other. The banks, post offices, and federal offices were closed for Columbus Day. The big box stores were open, and held sales.

The conclusion I drew from my cursory investigation was that some holidays are "more equal than others." How about you? Do you think that all holidays should be treated the same? Are there some that should be universally observed? I have my own opinion, but how about you?

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Patricia Bradley said...

I definitely prefer some holidays over others. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Memorial Day and Veteran's day are more important to me that a lot of the holidays we observe.

Richard Mabry said...

I agree with you, Patricia. Some of the other holidays (and Columbus Day is one) are much less important to me.

Jackie Smith said...

I agree with Patricia. I guess the other holidays are important to those NOT retired..so they get a day off work!

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks for your comment, Jackie. I just noticed that we've omitted Independence Day--that's important, too.