Friday, September 23, 2016

Writing: Don't Forget The Library

Next month I'll be speaking to a group of church librarians. It should be fun, as well as a chance to introduce myself (and my writing) to representatives of a lot of libraries.

Not only is having their book in a church library a great way for authors to show their writing to people who might not go out and purchase their work, but for some people libraries are the main source of the books they read.

More and more I'm hearing from those with a limited income who say that winning books is nice for them, since they can't buy them. I wish I could give my books away, but since I can't, I suggest these people check with their church library or the public library nearby.

I always make certain that my books are in the public library in my home town, and I've donated copies to a number of church libraries. It's good PR, as well as a nice humanitarian gesture. Do authors get any kind of royalties on the books they give away? No. But as I've said before, having your book in a library is a good way to let people get acquainted with your writing. And the reactions of the readers (and we hope they're positive) are great advertising. Besides, some libraries buy additional copies of these books if the demand for them is great enough. And we do get royalties on those purchases.

Have you ever checked your church library or the public library in your city to see if a book by a favorite author is available there? Do you know that if a library gets enough requests, these books will be added to their budget for purchase? Did you even think about a library as a source of books you want to read?  Don't get me wrong--I'm happy for you all to purchase my books, but if that's not possible, this is a great alternative for you.

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Elise Griffith said...

LOVE libraries, although I do purchase books each month. It's always in the budget. The nice thing about libraries is they allow you to read voraciously, and I donate books several times a year. Another thing I do, though, is pass on books I've enjoyed to friends & family regularly. We've got a sort of "book exchange" across the miles as well as locally. A few times per year I send a bag of books into work with my husband to offer up in the break room. With all of that, there are still 5 full bookshelves in our home, as well as stacks of books here and there. Thanks for the reminder to make a library stop again!

Richard Mabry said...

Elise, sounds like you and I have similar habits. Kay often sends books to her sister after she's enjoyed them. And, as I said in the blog post, I donate my own books to both church and public libraries in the area. I used to balk at giving away books, just as I frowned when people said they passed my book on to a friend or relative. Then I was told that the average book is read by five people. And I realized that this was the best way to acquaint people with my writing.
Thanks for your comment.

Gail H. said...

I've volunteered in my church library and I enjoy steering others to great books I've enjoyed. I always donate my books I've read and reviewed to my church library whether I've won them or bought them. Great way to let others enjoy them too!

Richard Mabry said...

Gail, good for you--I'm sure the library patrons appreciate both your service and your donations. May your tribe increase! Thanks for your comment.

Patricia Bradley said...

I've donated books to several libraries and often point readers to the libraries when they tell me they can't afford to buy books. I've also given some away at book signings when God prompts me to. :-)

Richard Mabry said...

The votes keep coming in--giving books to libraries, telling readers who can't afford to buy to check their library. We want to get out the message we've been given, and this is one way. Thanks, Patricia.

Jackie Smith said...

I am an avid Christian fiction reader and have read all of your books but the last one....loved them. Before we moved to the "country" 5 yrs. ago, I managed our church library and was sure your books were in it! I now use the local library and try to win books, that I gladly pass on to the local library.
Keep up the great writing, Richard!!

Richard Mabry said...

Jackie, thanks for the comment and the compliment. Check with the public library where you now live or your local church library and see if they don't have Medical Judgment or will order it. If not, write me at Dr R L Mabry at gmail dot com, and we'll see what can be arranged.