Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Where Do I Go From Here?

I've been blogging for almost ten years. Actually, I'll reach that milestone in about three more months. When I look back, I sometimes wonder about this road I've been traveling. Part of the process may be associated with the fact that, in filing away my tax return material for this past year, I discovered I hadn't shredded any of that stuff since after Cynthia died--1999. So, I've been tackling a year's worth of material a day, and it's brought back some memories along the way.

I had no plans to become a writer--that is, beyond having more than a hundred professional papers published and editing or writing eight medical textbooks along the way. Now I intended to retire to a life of golf and travel. But God had other plans, and I'm now awaiting the release of my tenth novel of medical suspense.

At this point, though, I'm wondering where to go from here. Publishing has changed, and many of my colleagues are moving--by choice or of necessity--to self-publishing. I've done more than I ever envisioned, but the question I have to answer next is, "Now what?"

Of course, this isn't confined to me or--for that matter--to people who classify themselves as writers. Thousands of people ask themselves that question every day. Should they change jobs? If they're currently unemployed, will they even get a job? Can they make this marriage work? What about their kids? We all ask this question or a variant of it.

What about you? What decisions are you facing? And what resources are you calling upon to help you make the right choice? I'll start (the translation is my own)--"For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." When I read that promise, it gives me confidence. How about you?

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Patricia Bradley said...

Last year I wrote three books and one novella. Over two hundred thousand words. In January, as I planned my year, I made a conscious decision not to write that much. :-)

This January, I asked myself that question. I have a book due in July, and another one not due until April 2017. So, theoretically, I could only write one book this year...but I have this cozy noodling around in my head...Do you see where this is leading?

Great question! I do hope you continue to write your wonderful stories!

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, as I've said, I've already gone further than I thought I ever could with writing. I've completed another novel, and am waiting for action by a publishing house. And, of course, self-publishing has become more of an option in the past year or so. But, whatever happens, God knows so I really don't have to have advance notice.
Thanks for your nice words.

shirley said...

Two years ago, I began a photo project that I knew would take more than a few days. I have sorted photos of my siblings and myself. Six of us and of course our Mother and Father. I didn't have a clue as to how I would move forward with it but I do now. I have a pretty good memory and remember what Mom or Dad told me about older photos. As I put photos into an album, whether I scrapbook them or just tuck them into protective sorters, I open up a notebook and write what I remember about these photos. What was happening, who was in the picture, why it was taken etc. Journaling. So far my favorite is one of my Dad when he was in the army, lying on an Army cot in his boxers. Next to him is a bottle of, what he called, "shaving lotion". This is the story he told us when we were very young and he stuck with that story when we got older, even though we all figured out that what lay next to him was a bottle of wine or liquor. You ask "Where do I go from here?" I'm not a writer, but I can write and I can research and I can remember. I'll be working on my photos for a long time, even when it might look like I'm done. Changing the subject, I have "Miracle Drug" on order. Loved, loved, loved, "Silent Night, Deadly Night" and just finished "Rx Murder" which I thoroughly enjoyed. I do not have a blog that I write on regularly but I will be reviewing on Amazon. I do hope you continue to write, you should continue to write.

Richard Mabry said...

Shirley, first of all, thanks for the kind words about my writing. I hope you continue to enjoy my books. And thanks for your promise of a review. They help.
After Cynthia died, I decided to go through all our pictures and write on the back what I knew about them--the time and place, who the people were, etc. This is the kind of thing we can do for our families, things we wish had been done for us.
I appreciate your comment.