Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Changes, changes

Changes, changes, changes. It seems that the only constant nowadays is change. Facebook is changing the way our posts are seen (sometimes only a small percentage of my followers "see" my FB posts). In our area, plumbing companies and electricians are being absorbed into larger companies, so that my favorite plumber is now part of an air conditioning-heating/plumbing/electrician consortium. There's a new version of the software used on Kindle, and although mine is supposed to automatically update, if you haven't opened your device in a while, or the battery is dead, you may find that you have to completely download the software again the next time you open your Kindle. Changes, changes, changes.

One of the changes Amazon has made is to give authors the opportunity to get the URL or embed code so they can allow people to have a preview of their books via a website or blog, in addition to going to Amazon. And, incidentally, there's a button there to purchase the book as well. So I guess this change isn't all bad. I thought I'd try this change, and apparently it works. Here is the one for my novel, Miracle Drug. And this is my novella, Silent Night, Deadly NightSorry if you'd like a sneak peek at my forthcoming novel, Medical Judgment--apparently they don't make these available for pre-orders.

It seems that every day more changes take place, and unless we work to keep up with them, we're going to be left behind. What about you? Do you enjoy these changes, or--like me--do you simply tolerate most of them? I'd like to know.

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Patricia Bradley said...

I'm like you--barely tolerate changes, even the good ones. lol. I'll have to check into the Amazon thing. And I tweeted about your post, but when I saw I had 86 characters left, I just had to add something. :-)