Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Public Persona Of Athletes

We've lived in North Texas for a number of years, yet have never taken a tour of JerryWorld...I mean, AT&T Stadium in Arlington. We prefer to sit at home, watch the games on TV, and armchair-quarterback what "our" football team does. But that doesn't stop me from being a fan...or from being ashamed of some of the actions of the players.

I'm writing this right after the Cowboys' loss to the New England Patriots, led by Tom Brady. The Cowboys deserved to lose--that's not the point. But it made me wonder if a person's athletic abilities should somehow excuse his off-the-field behavior. Recently we've had the "Deflategate" investigation of Brady and the Patriots for the lowering of pressure in certain footballs during a playoff game last year. Then there's the undisputed fact that Brady had a three-year relationship with actress Bridget Moynhan, fathering a son with her while they were "dating," before he married his current wife.

The other thing that came up this weekend was the signing by the Cowboys of Greg Hardy. Despite Hardy's athletic abilities as a defensive lineman, I personally think the Cowboys made a mistake by offering him a contract. They said they'd done their homework, and he'd changed. But we learned about a very questionable rap video he apparently made while suspended from football activities for domestic violence, a video that shows absolutely no contrition for past indiscretions. Sure, he's good. But is he the type of person you want your sons emulating? Or is the idea that sports figures are role models outmoded now?

How about you? Are you disgusted with the off-the-field activities of certain sports figures? Does being good at some type of athletics excuse an individual from other responsibilities? And do you think athletes should be role models for our children? I'd like to hear your opinions.

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Patricia Bradley said...

I'm with you, whether it's athletes, politicians, singers, or movie stars. It seems we glorify everything that we should be ashamed of.

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, I think there are more people who, like us, dislike the way many famous people are given a pass because of their status--but are afraid to express their opinion for fear of being criticized. Thanks for your comment.