Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It's Summer...No, It's Fall

Here in North Texas, the average temperature for October should be in the 70's, the weather guessers--I mean, forecasters--tell us. But as I sit here and write this, I can look back at recent days where the temperature was in the 90's. If this is fall, it's not typical.

Fall is also the time when football fever begins to heat up, while the final few games of the baseball season are underway. I won't say anything about how the Texas Rangers lost the divisional playoffs in the seventh inning of the fifth game, except there were more than twenty teams sitting at home, their seasons over before that of the Rangers. As for football, with our quarterback and star receiver on the disabled list, the Dallas Cowboys aren't setting the world on fire. But in Texas, high school and college football are still in full swing--even though the weather doesn't seem like fall.

What are your indicators for fall? Do you look forward to Halloween (or Fall Festival, if your church calls it that)? Is Thanksgiving the official start of fall for you? Does getting down the jackets and sweaters mean that fall has finally arrived? Let me know.

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