Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween, Time Change, And Stuff

I'll resume my usual "writing life" posts next week, but today let me address the weekend coming up.

Tomorrow is October 31, the traditional day for celebrating Halloween. Some families don't observe Halloween, saying the holiday is steeped in superstition. I'm not going to get into that. That's an individual thing for families to decide. As for us, our church has a Fall Festival for children at about this time, while we'll turn on the porch light and give out candy for a few hours tomorrow night.

I'm not sure whether Halloween is enjoyed more by children or adults. Small children may not understand why they're dressed in costumes and escorted to neighboring houses, but by and large they understand the candy that comes to them after the obligatory cry of "Trick or Treat." If the woman of the house answers the door, she usually asks, "And what are you supposed to be?" Husbands, on the other hand, might paw through the bowl of candy at the door and give out the ones he doesn't like, figuring that if there's any left over he might as well enjoy it.

Don't forget that tomorrow is also the night when we set our clocks BACK an hour, as Daylight Saving Time ends for another year. Most research, by the way, indicates that the majority of people don't enjoy an extra hour of sleep due to this change.  And, yes, it's always seemed to me like cutting an inch off the top of a blanket and sewing it on the bottom to make it longer. But that's the way it is.

My question to you is two-fold: Does your family celebrate Halloween, and why? What do you plan to do with your extra hour on Saturday.

See you next week.


Patricia Bradley said...

As a kid, I loved Halloween! And what kid wouldn't. It was a night where we roamed up and down the street in a piece of an old sheet my mama gave us getting candy from our neighbors...except this one couple who always gave away apples. That was way before apples cost a dollar apiece.

As for that extra hour--my body is wired to get up at 5 o'clock Cental time every morning. I go to bed at 10. When we're on DST I can't get to bed before 11, but I still get up at 5, so I lose an hour of sleep every night. I just wish they'd leave the time alone. :-) ...I had a much more convoluted sentence and changed it. lol

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, I remember those 'good old days.' Now we turn off the porch lights when it's time for the little ones to be in, before we get carloads full of high-school age 'trick or treaters' without costumes, assuming it's their right to get candy.
And as for the time change...don't get me started. Thanks for commenting.