Friday, June 12, 2015

Writing: Life Is What Happens...

We've all heard it, perhaps even used it: Life is what happens while you're busy making plans. I read that phrase recently, where it was attributed to John Lennon. Well, I can take the Beatles or leave them, although I liked some of their songs. But I chased down the attribution of the quote, and found that, indeed, John said something like that in the lyrics of one of his songs. Here's that info. But others said it before he did. But what does it mean?

That, in turn, got me thinking about how ephemeral our words are. Even the ripples from our actions eventually fade and die. In my case, when I practiced medicine I was known for a procedure that was very effective in my hands and those of others. I was even given credit with naming it. Inferior turbinoplastly was in the spotlight for years. But now, more than a decade after my retirement, not much is heard about it, and when I do read something it rarely mentions my work, although at the time it was called groundbreaking.

Now God has pointed me toward writing. My eight novels have been bought (and presumably read) by many thousands of individuals. What effect did they have? There's no way to know. Perhaps a decade from now, they'll all be out of print. But I know what I'm currently doing is what God meant me to do. So, other plans or not, lasting fame or not, that's what I intend to continue.

How about you? Has God (or life, if you prefer) changed your plans? Does what you do affect others? I'd like to know.

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NOTE AND A GIVEAWAY: On my last post, I asked if some of the things we've developed--like cell phones--are two-edged swords. I also asked commenters to list the things they enjoy that they couldn't live without. I need just a few more comments to reach the "giveaway" stage (and only I know that number). How about joining in? (And previous commenters who didn't leave your email address, feel free to add it at the end of that post). I'll let you know on Tuesday how this comes out.


Anonymous said...

Cell phones are good and bad. People know you have it and then it is hard to stay away from them. I would have a hard time living without my iPad now or my TV.

Patricia Bradley said...

Five years ago, I wanted so much for my book to be published. How thankful I am that God said, "Not yet."
I would have been so embarrassed if it had been. It wasn't ready, I wasn't ready. I've discovered everything is in His timing.

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks to both of you for your comments. I appreciate your stopping by.

Elaine Stock said...

The longer God graces me with life the more I'm realizing that it's useless to make the big plans. Oh, sure, I can plan to go grocery shopping after work, or even on a vacation. And it's okay to have the goal to write in hope of publication. But every time I used to plan a major life change I've come to realize that 1) it doesn't happen for a reason and 2) I'm glad it doesn't… because He has something better in mind. Tied in with this, it all boils down on letting go of regrets.

Would love to try for your Giveaway. estock(at)fairpoint(dot)net

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Elaine. I couldn't agree with you more. I appreciate your comment.

Gail Kittleson said...

Letting go of regrets…what a novel idea, Elaine! I've spent (wasted) time regretting that I didn't get started writing fiction for so long. But Pat Tranium's article (on my blog right now) hit me during this last week - I think I had to work through so much STUFF in my head/heart first, which led to writing my memoir, that i couldn't have managed fiction until now. (How do you like that loooooong sentence?)

Anyway, at least it's on the subject.

I'd like to try for your giveaway, too, and considering I just had a round w/an eleven-year-old about his I-pad use…ahem . . . at this particular moment, I could toss all the new technology out the window b/c it's robbing youth of vital interaction. That said, we always fear what we don't understand, which applies in my case, too. Ahhhh…..just keeping up w/it all is exhausting, imho.

Thanks for bringing up this subject, Richard!
gkittleson at myomnitel dot com

Richard Mabry said...

Gail, thanks for your comment. I identify with so much of what you've said.
And I'll put your name in the pot for the giveaway.