Friday, May 22, 2015

Writing: Author Interviews

Although Amazon apparently began shipping Fatal Trauma several days ago, this past Tuesday was the official "release date." For those who think all an author has to do is write a novel, then respond to all the various edits the manuscript goes through, let me emphasize what I was told very early in my days of learning the craft: No one cares as much about readers buying your book as you do. That was true then, it's true now. Writing the book is just the beginning.

Publishers have marketing people, but it's still up to the author to do a significant amount of getting the word out about their book. What things work for me? Well, book signings haven't been terribly successful in my hands. True, some authors think they're great, but they don't work for me. On the other hand, meeting with book clubs is high on my list. True, the members have already bought (or borrowed) the book, but it's a great chance for them to connect with a "real author." I always feel honored when I'm asked to meet with one.

I believe that word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. What seems to work best are guest blogs and interviews on other sites. These are a good way to introduce me and my writing to an extended audience. I've also found that a book giveaway draws more "hits" than a post without one. Guess it's just human nature to take a chance on something free. So below you'll find several sites, and at most of which you can leave a comment and be entered for a chance to win a copy of Fatal Trauma.

In my last post, there were links to some of the interviews I had done to that point. Since then I've visited Robin Hatcher, Ane Mulligan,  The Borrowed Book, and Novel Crossing. I hope you'll check them out, leave a comment, and get your name in the hat for a copy of Fatal Trauma.

What is your idea for the best method of introducing people to a writer's book? I'd like to hear.

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Patricia Bradley said...

I do book signings, and sell probably 10-15 books. What I really like about them is the connection with readers, even those who don't buy the book.

Like you said, word of mouth is probably the best publicity. :-)

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, I have two strikes against me with book signings. I don't like to walk around the store, engage strangers, and ask (even indirectly) if they want to buy my book. And I don't like asking on social media or (Heaven forbid) via telephone to get people to attend--most of my friends who want my books have already bought them (and bookstores aren't thrilled if people bring in outside books to get them signed).
But if it works for you, bless you. I agree--word of mouth works best.

Carol Garvin said...

Some authors I know are quite gregarious and it seems easier for them to promote themselves than it would be for me. Having a good Street Team appeals most to me. Like pebbles in a pond, their influence expands well beyond my single-handed efforts while still utilizing word of mouth.

Best of luck with FATAL TRAUMA! :)

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Carol. By the way, when did "street team" replace "influencers" in the vocabulary of authors? Whatever you call it, I think they're very important, and I'm glad you do, as well.

Racegirl1022 said...

After reading a good book, I like to shout it from the rooftops! I find ways to talk with family, friends and even strangers in line at the Target. Good Luck with this new book and wishing you all the best! Mary V

Richard Mabry said...

Mary, Hope you like my books and that you feel free to shout about it. And since you mentioned Target, I just discovered that Fatal Trauma is available from the Target online site--never even thought of that. I appreciate your comment.