Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What Occupies Your Time?

I've been retired from the active practice of medicine for over ten years now, although I still stay current with the field. "Oh, you're retired," my friends say (or think). "You must have a lot of free time."

We'll now pause briefly for readers who have not yet retired to heave a jealous sigh and the retired folks to smother a laugh. I used to smile when I'd hear someone say, "I'm so busy after retirement that I don't know how I did anything while I was working." Now, it's more like pausing to nod sadly. It's true.

My plans were that, upon retirement, I'd play golf, read, and do some traveling. That changed, of course, when Cynthia, my wife of forty years, passed away about the time we'd both planned to retire. That eventually led me to write my book, The Tender Scar: Life After The Death Of A Spouse, which in turn resulted in my trying my hand at writing novels. Fatal Trauma, which releases on May 19, will be my eighth novel of medical suspense. Oh, and my self-published novella, Rx Murder, will be available on Amazon any day now (watch this space for more news on that).

I try to get in a round of golf with a long-time friend once a week if the weather cooperates (which it hasn't recently). As for travel, I'll quote Nolan Ryan. "The problem with using those frequent flyer miles is that to do it you've got to get on another airplane." So, mainly, I write.

What does a writer do? Here's a picture that has appeared numerous times on Facebook--if I knew the source I'd give attribution--that explains the writing process better than anything I could.

Now, what occupies your time? Let me know when you leave a comment.

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shirley said...

I am not retired, but disabled and in a wheelchair. However, I honestly think I'd be doing the same thing if I were retired. I began a project last summer with all my photos. I've sorted them into different subjects. A lot of them went into small,separate albums because they were special events, reunions, gatherings, graduations etc. Other photos were sorted into siblings; my sisters and brothers of course. Next comes Mom & Dad and their sisters and brothers. I used to be a (amateur) photographer and I took an inordinate amount of family photos. I'm about a year into this project. I'm pretty sure it will occupy a great deal of my time for another year, at least.

Richard Mabry said...

Shirley, congratulations on using your time to do something that others will enjoy. You're leaving "footprints in the sands of time" with the photos. And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Patricia Bradley said...

I retired from teaching abstinence and how to have healthy relationships to write fiction. And there is a difference contrary to popular belief. :-)

I'm working on my 6th book and trying to catch up with you, Richard.

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, although the phrase "retired from teaching abstinence" is intriguing, I'll let that go. As for trying to catch me, it's a marathon, not a sprint--numbers aren't as important as quantity.
As always, thanks for your comment.

Patricia Bradley said...

Richard, you've never lived until a 14 year old boy introduces you to his father with the words, "Dad, this is the sex lady,"
I never could get them to call me the abstinence lady. lol
And you're right it is a marathon.