Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's Time To Give Away A Book

I was looking at the author's copies of books on my shelf, and discovered that I have a spare copy of my fourth novel of medical suspense, Lethal Remedy. You folks have been steadfast followers of this blog, encouraging me when I was ready to quit, so I decided to reward one of you.

I'll send a signed copy of Lethal Remedy to the first person who emails me (see below) with the correct answer to this question: What is the name of the pharmaceutical company in this book, and what is the name of the man who heads it?

If you ask a question about the writing life that I use as a subject for one of my Friday posts, I'll throw in a signed copy of another novel of mine--your choice. (Sorry, I don't have copies yet of my next book, Fatal Trauma, but you have seven others from which to choose).

Already have a copy? How about one to give away--to a friend, to a church library, or to your public library?

Send your answer (and suggestions if you have some) to me at:
Dr R L Mabry at yahoo dot com
Use the subject line Lethal Remedy (to avoid the sp*m filter).
I'm afraid that, due to postage cost and shipping regulations, I have to limit this to readers in the US. I'll announce the winner in a comment to this blog post as soon as I get a correct answer.

Hint: One of the online booksellers has a "look inside" feature for books. Check Lethal Remedy, and about halfway down the preview you'll find the answer.

Now a question for you to answer in the comments section--Do you think giveaways help? And if so, what kind? I'd like to know.

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Richard Mabry said...

AND WE HAVE A WINNER: Lauri Harris told me that Dr. David Patel was the head of Jandra Pharmaceuticals. She also sent a question I'll answer in one of my Friday posts.
Thanks, everyone.
I'd still like to hear your opinion as to whether giveaways are a waste of time or if they help.

Vera Godley said...

Dr. Mabry - about how helpful giveaways are for authors.....

I think that they are very helpful from the standpoint that visibility is greatly increased. More folks will click on a "giveaway" than simply on an article about a book. The old adage that advertisers cling to is that the more folks see your "name" then their recollection kicks in when they want something along the line that you offer.

So when a giveaway is promoted, the author is promoted as well as the title of the book. Likewise, (at least when I host a giveaway) the publisher is promoted. So readers see, desire, enter. If they don't win, they may request the book at the library (who then might purchase) or go out and purchase it for themselves.

Just my thoughts.... :)

Richard Mabry said...

Vera--And your thoughts are quite helpful. Sometimes authors get a bit "down" at the current state of the publishing industry and wonder if it's worth the effort. It's readers like you who make us keep on. Thanks.